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CCNA Training in Marathahalli

Chase4Net is a reputed software training Institute for CCNA Training in Marathahalli . Our main focus areas are CCNA Certification Training and Software Development.Chase4Net has been already ranked as the No.1 for CCNA Course in Marathahalli. We provide quality education to the students at low cost.Students will get real experience.We are the Best CCNA Certification Training institute in marathahalli.

What is CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

CCNA is the International certification which is conducted by Cisco Systems.This CCNA Certification will teach you basic Networking and cisco IOS command , cisco deivce management.

Who can do CCNA certification ?

There is no pre qualification to do the CCNA Certification.If you complete our CCNA Training programme , you can pass the ccna exam with good score.

Howlong the CCNA Certification is Valid ?

CCNA Certification is Valid for 3 Years from the date you completed the exam.


Networking Intoduction :

Networking is the practice of connecting computer devices together to sahre the data.

Overview-Computer communication Types- Media type- Networking Devices

Subnetting :

Subnetting is the process of dividing an Major Class of IP network into smaller networks called as Subnets

Overview- Importance of Subnetting- Importance of Subnet Mask- Classful / Classless addressing- VLSM

Routing :

Routing is the process of moving data across an internetwork from a source to a destination.

Overview-Router Introduction-Understanding the Routing Table- Routing Function- Types of Routing- Static Routing- Disadvantages of Static Routing

OSI Layer :

When a host transmits data across a network to another device, data is encapsulated with several headers and trailers.

Overview- OSI Reference Model- Encapsulation- Decapsulation- Connection Oriented Protocol- Connectionless Protocol

Dynamic Routing :

Dynamic routing is the process of learning routing information automatically with the help of routing protocols.

Overview- Routing Protocols- RIP- IGRP- EIGRP- OSPF- Route summarization- Route Redistribution- Load Balancing

Switching :

A switch is a device that forwards frames from any of input port to output port.

Overview- Functions of Switch- Broadcast Domain- Collision Domain- Spanning Tree Protocol- VLAN- Trunking- VTP- InterVlan Routing

Security :

Network security is the process that works by controlling which data can flow to and from a network

Overview- Access Control Lists- Standard ACL- Extended ACL- Named ACL

Network Address Translation :

Network address translation (NAT) will allow for multiple devices to communicate using a single public IP address

Overview- Static NAT- Dynamic NAT- Dynamic NAT with Overload- Port Address Translation (PAT)

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol :

It is a network protocol to automatically assign an IP address to a computer.

Overview- Static Configuration- Dynamic Configuration- Address Pool- Exclusions- Address Lease- DHCP Relay Agent

Domain Name Server :

Its a protocol for name to ip conversion

Overvice-DNS Service


It is a new version of Internet protocol designed with larger address space.

Overview- Link Local Unicast- Site Local Unicast- Global Unicast- Multicast- Static Routing- IPv6 to IPv4 tunneling

Wide Area Networks :

A wide area network is a network that covers a lon distance.

Overview- Leased Line- Packet Switching- Circuit Switching- PPP- HDLC- Frame Relay-ATM

CISCO Certification

Routing and Switching Security Datacentre Wireless
CCNA Routing and switching CCNA Security CCNA Datacentre CCNA Wireless
CCNP Routing and Swithcing CCNP Security CCNP Datacentre CCNP Wireless
CCIE Routing and Switching CCIE Security CCIE Datacentre CCIE Wireless

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